DINKUMWARE LTD - dinkumware.com, Concord MA USA

Who we are:

Dinkumware, Ltd. is the premier supplier of Standard C and Standard C++ libraries -- the ones that accompany every conforming compiler. We're usually the first to implement additions to the standards, and we consistently score highest on conformance testing. We're the people to go to for commercially supported, top quality libraries that are portable across the widely used compilers and operating systems.

What we do:

We license our technology to OEMs who distribute our libraries with their products. We typically grant the right to issue an unlimited number of sublicenses, for a one-time fee, in conjunction with a designated product. Our existing customers range from the largest desktop compiler vendors, like Microsoft and IBM, through the most respected embedded compiler vendors, like Green Hills, IAR, and Wind River.

We also license our technology to software development organizations who need to standardize internally on the best library technology, and who need reliable support. We ask no additional royalty for the istribution of executables and shared libraries linked with our libraries, so long as the distributed products cannot be linked with object files to produce additional executables. We license by the number of developers per platform, not by the volume of distributed executables.

For all our licensees we offer ongoing Support Services for an annual fee, providing bug fixes and version upgrades on a regular basis.

Why we're the best:

Dinkumware was founded in 1995 to license the libraries originally developed by P.J. Plauger.

Our Standard C technology has been on the market since 1990, with versions matching the ISO/ANSI C Standard as of 1989, 1995, 1999, and 2003.

Our Standard C++ technology has been on the market since 1995, with versions matching the ISO/ANSI C++ Standard as of 1998, 2003, and 2011.

Thus, we have an uninterrupted record of innovation and customer support dating back to 1990.

Dinkumware employees regularly attend C and C++ Standards meetings around the world. Some have actively contributed to the development of standards for decades.

We have a long history of pioneering technology that later becomes standardized. We're consistently among the first implementers to give feedback on proposed additions to the standards.

We work closely with the major vendors of C/C++ compilers and validation suites, to ensure that our mutual customers get products that play well together.

Most recently, we've delivered to our customers the first complete implementation of the standard library required for C++11. For an early look, see Microsoft's Visual Studio 11 Beta.

We've also made major advances in the testing and implementation of math functions, both floating- and fixed-point, real and complex. Our latest libraries set new standards for accuracy, robustness, and portability.

For more information:

Contact us at sales@dinkumware.com, or write to:

     Dinkumware, Ltd.
     60 Thoreau Street, Suite 367
     Concord MA 01742